Orgasms, one after the other…

Now this is a stretch, but it makes me giggle every time my cursor moves over my drafts list... so here goes! This will probably be very short as the theology here is already overstretched. Orgasm, climax, finishing - whatever you want to call it, it is a good feeling huh? For some people thats [...]

Passive vs Active

It is very easy to allude to the D/s relationship as being between an active and a passive partner. The 'top' being the one doing the work and the 'bottom' receiving. D/s relationships are rarely like this and BDSM pornography doesn't help this delusion we build. Partners will talk about boundaries, limits, safe words and [...]

Losing My Identity

A couple of weeks backs I was trying to internally work through my gender identity, both in the bedroom and in day to day life. I realised although biologically a female my identity and expression is predominantly as a male in daily life. However, I also enjoy the rebellious nature of cross-dressing as a female [...]

Bondage to Christ

The BDSM subculture, aims to bring together what society calls opposites: pleasure and pain. Some say they are worlds apart, others however believe that pain can bring instant gratification and pleasure (myself included). In bondage we cannot escape, we are trapped and far from freedom. This is coherent with the Christian understanding too. We are [...]